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Fashion isn’t just about the clothes: it’s about the presentation. Moda Tech knows this to be true. And the company has been indomitable force in fashion production for over a decade.  Founded in 2002, Moda Tech serves its global roster of clientele — from heritage houses to edgy collections — as the visionary for shows, events and everything else that puts their public face on the main stage.  Production requires as much big picture as it does the details, and as its name suggests, Moda Tech blends an eye for aesthetics with dynamic platforms of technology. 



Moda Tech is a boutique firm — our priorities are invested in our clients — and solid production comes with understanding designers and their collections. Moda Tech has worked with the majority of its clients from the inception of the company, by delivering the flawless production of larger companies without the factory-feel. Our clients are loyal, but so is our dedicated team. Based in New York and Barcelona, the company also seasonally sets up shop in Madrid, Milan and Paris — allowing us to be firmly available to our clients wherever their vision lands them. With the fashion industry’s international reach, Moda Tech has teams and professional relationships on the ground in every corner of the globe, bringing a personalized touch, no matter where the clothes may take our clients.



Moda Tech is synonymous with its brainchild, Jay Arcos.  Born in Spain, Arcos was allured by New York at a young age; when he finally landed in the big city in the early 1990s, Arcos quickly recognized that the fashion scene was internationalizing and changing its course. It was also ready for Arcos’ touch.  Originally a veteran of the film industry, both as a producer and a set designer, Arcos applied his signature creativity and technological prowess to the fashion landscape.  He began producing shows, events and editorial in 1997 with Fly Productions, where he worked with such clients as Chanel, Diane Von Furstenberg, Vera Wang, and Vivienne Westwood among many others. Then in 2002 the time came for Arcos to strike out on his own.  Since, Moda Tech has become a trusted name in the fashion industry, and Arcos is known by insiders and the industry alike for his precision, charm and influence. 

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